The perfect wedding Favours.

You don't have to have favours, but they can be fun!

Deciding on your Wedding favours is often a tricky one, there are just too many options, some couples don't even bother with wedding favours and others "go to town" on them! So firstly what the heck are wedding favours? Basically a wedding favour is a small gift or token given by the Bride to her guests, as a thank you for sharing her special day. Wedding favours were made popular way back at the end of the 18th century and have remained a tradition today! The original wedding favours were small parcels or boxes that would contain 5 sugared almonds, these were said to represent Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertitlity and Longevity.

Today many wedding favours still take the traditional form which is a small parcel, box or Organza bag, with Sugared almonds, mints or sweets inside, but they can often be a lot more sophisticated, or wonderfully imaginative! They can also be a great addition to the wedding table decoration. We have seen everything from Miniature bottles of tomato sauce, Jager shots, to exotic fragrances, or full gift boxes offered to guests as wedding favours. We have also seen useful items, such as Sunglasses (what better in Spain), sun cream, decorative Fans too keep you cool or so what would your flavour of favour be?

Your wedding favours can be simple, imaginative and they can make additional table decorations, or you might not want them at all!

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Most of the time wedding favours are displayed on the table and add to the overall decoration, but sometimes and especially in the case of larger gifts, they are displayed on a separate table, for guests to help themselves! Wedding favours can be all the same, or different for the boys and the girls, or they can even be personalised to each and every guest, it's your choice!

So should you adorn your wedding table with favours for the guests?

Well, we think it's a nice idea, after all, people like receiving gifts, no matter how small and wedding favours can also complement your decoration too! Small favours, like organza bags, can be presented on the tables, or larger ones, make a great display by themselves. If you are getting married on the Costa del Sol, then why not ask Marbella Bride who can help you deign some wedding favours, or let our team assist you in turning your creative ideas into reality, we are specialists in bespoke wedding decoration! Will you go traditional, or a little bit wild?

If serving food products, think about allergies!

This is something that is not always obvious, but take care that if you serve food products, it is obvious what they contain! The last thing you need is one of the guests keeling over from a Peanut allergy, when he bit into that fortune cookie, it could spoil your day and his!

If you are planning a wedding in Spain, then it might be a good idea to avoid Wedding favours who's contents could melt in the heat! Chocolate or easy perishable goods may not be the best idea in this climate!

Of course, if providing wedding favours could compromise you budget, then hold back on them, people will understand and it is always important to concentrate your efforts and funds into making a wonderful day, before you consider those little extras!

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