The best Months for a wedding in Spain.

A guide to planning your wedding in Spain, the right way!

Southern Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for hosting weddings and of course, one of the main reasons for that, is the weather! When planning your wedding in Spain, of course, you will probably be dreaming of an outdoor wedding, of a sunshine filled day with your family and friends. However, weather is not something you can guarantee to be in your favor, even in a country like Spain, it could be just perfect, but then, it can rain, can get windy and it can also get far too hot for comfort! Reading this article could save your wedding day from disaster! 

So, what are the best months to plan for your wedding in Spain and how can you avoid the most common mistakes that ruin quite a few weddings every year? 

Peak summer in southern Spain is during the months of July and August, these are the months when the chance of rains is highly unlikely, but the drawback is often the heat! July and August in Spain can reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and away from the sea, or inland, 45/48 (113 f) degrees is not uncommon! As you can imagine, apart from beng semi naked relaxing by a pool, or the sea, it can be uncomfortably hot, especially for a wedding or event with people who are not used to it!  40 degrees may not sound that bad to some, but add the warm African air blowing across Spain and you have a "real feel" temperature of more like 45 anyway!  Another factor often overlooked, is the brightness and intensity of the sun in Spain, it get's hot enough to fry eggs on any surface it touched for more than a few minutes, walking on the beach bare foot could even land you a hospital appointment! 

So these thing considered, while July and August are the safest months for rain, they are not always the ideal months to host a wedding or event, because it can be just too hot! Imagine the above scenarios, but with your best suit, or wedding dress on! Trust me, I live here, your make up will be running down your face, your hair will be wet, your sweat will be running down your brow and stinging your eyes, your clothes will be soaked and sticking to your body it ends up more like a wet T-shirt competition than a wedding!  If you are embarking on a wedding in Spain during the peak summer months, aim late! We mean really late! Generally weddings held in these months could start with an 8pm ceremony, so that you reach dining as the sun sets and offers a little light relief, bearing in mind, at hottest times, event the night time can still be over 30 degrees! Of course, you can go on later to compensate this, but basic rule is, when in Spain, follow what the Spanish do, because, they do it for a reason!

In any case, during July and August, think Shade, think late, think rehydration, or even consider dining indoors, with air conditioning! Trust us, you will thank us for this advice!

Wedding in Spain outdoors

July and August weddings, think later and think shade, or consider May - June - September, still reasonably "rain safe", but not quite as hot!

The favourite months. 

May, June and September.

The months leading up to and preceeding the sizzling height of summer (May, June and September), are by far the most popular, providing the right balance of Sun, warmth and low risk of rain. While it can still be hot in these months, you will be met with a more bearable 30 degrees, cooler winds and lower risk of rain, the perfect months of the year for an outdoor wedding or event in southern Spain. If you are planning your wedding in Spain in May, June or September, then early booking is highly advised, as these months are very popular for weddings.  In our opinion, these are the very best months to host a wedding or event in Spain, you have the perfect weather balance and the coast is a little less manic, than it will be in the peak months. 

The other months. 

Still a great options, especially on a budget.

The Weather in Spain, October to March, is quite unpredictable, it can quite easily reach 20 to 28 degrees in any of these months, but it could just as easily be raining or cold! However, with careful planning and the right venue, then it's still well worth a punt, because the savings you make, could outweigh the drawbacks. This winter (2019), we had the most amazing January, Febuary and March, with very little rain, but the year before, it was torrential! 

There are some fabulous venues here than can provide an excellent wedding with an indoor option. You still get the unrivalled Spanish hospitality, great food and entertainment, but can save considerable money! Flights for your guests, hotels and also the wedding or event itself are often presented at drastically reduced rates for "off season" bookings. If you are lucky, the Sun might shine for you too, but even if it does not, an amazing time can still be had!

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