Flying and the Environment. 

It's best reserved for special occasions!

We are hearing a lot about climate change at the moment and at last people are beginning to take notice, we all need to act responsibly! Flying to other countries is certainly not carbon friendly, but we do not need to cut it out altogether, just save it for very special occasions! Popping back and fourth for cheap holidays, get away weekends and package deals, is where most of the abuse lies, but flying once a year, for a special holiday, or to enjoy a magical experience, such as your wedding in Spain should most certainly remain a part of life!

It's the old cliché of Quality Vs Quantity, in this case, it's quantity that has the most damaging effect!  

Of course, nothing should stop you enjoying a sun kissed or cultured holiday, or a destination wedding on the shores of southern Spain, or anywhere else, but if we all cut out cheap trips and weekenders it's going to do a whole lot of good for the environment! Besides, saving up longer, for a dream holiday, once a year, or even once every 2 years, means you can do it in style, or maybe stay longer, so you can experience some of the culture too. Yes we know, saying this is not good for tourism, it's not good for cheap airlines either and the consequence of this may be that prices of flights go up! However, if we all took those weekenders and shorter trips in our own countries (local tourism could flourish), while saving exotic destinations for special experiences, then things would probably balance out in the end!

Moderation is the key, either we change our habits for the better, or accept a probable change for the worse, that may no longer stay in our hands!

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Marbella Bride are here to help. 

We can help with innovative ideas to cut back on the carbon and plastics!
  • Live onlive Video tours of your desired venues, by our local staff, with honest opinions and advice that could save you a viewing trip. 
  • Skype / Facetime calls direct with us and the suppliers, book with confidence, just like you met them in person, but no need to fly!
  • Booking and booking management of everything you need for your wedding in Spain, we become your remote eyes and ears!
  • Church Wedding Bookings without the need to fly here in person before the wedding day.
  • Group accommodation and transport, moving guests in one vehicle is better
  • Low carbon dining with local produce
  • Localy sourced flowers and resuable decoration
  • Low energy LED event lighting solutions

There are so many ways to ensure your wedding in Spain is as low carbon and environmentally friendly as it can be! Living here in Spain for over 15 years, the Marbella Bride team have seen the effects of climate change first hand, the region has had both terrible floods, to wildfires. Let's change our habits and give this amazing planet a chance to heal! 

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