Greener, more planet friendly weddings!

It's time we all played our part and thought more about our choices.

It's hard to escape the environmental news lately and it's hard to deny, we have all played a part in making a right mess of the world we live in! Nature is struggling, from plastic in the ocean to the global warming phenomena, not to mention wildlife dying off at rapid rates. Yes the world is in trouble and it desperately needs our help, it needs us to change for the better and think more about our choices, don't you agree?  Marbella Bride is banning all single-use plastics, single-use products and products that have an obviously high carbon footprint, from ALL our weddings in 2020 and beyond, we hope you are OK with that and are with us all the way!  It will mean doing some things differently, for sure, but finding new ways to replace the bad, with the natural, it's exciting too and could lead to your wedding having a unique look! Let's get you married while feeling good about the compromises you made, in order to help your wedding in Spain be a lot kinder to mother earth! 

We are ready to help you have an amazing, unique wedding in southern Spain, with consideration to your carbon footprint and the exclusion of single-use products, plastics, or other products that create a risk to Wildlife / Environment / Contribute highly to global warming.

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