Wedding & Event Entertainment.

Brilliant entertainment for weddings and special occasions in Spain.

When you are looking for amazing and professional entertainment for your wedding or special occasion on the Costa del Sol, Marbella Bride has you covered! As we started out as part of the entertainment and event planning service Costa del Party, we know the perfect entertainers, singers, musicians, bands, and DJs that would grace any wedding celebration. We even have our own exceptional wedding/event DJ's, professional sound systems, and lots of stunning lighting too and we can coordinate amazing entertainment packages throughout your wedding day, right into the evening party! We understand good entertainment like no other and we use only the most professional and reliable acts available on the Costa del Sol.

You can use our specialist Wedding entertainment can be booked independent of our wedding planning or other services, we work closely with many other select wedding planners too!

  • Wedding and Party Bands for all tastes
  • Wedding / Event Singers and entertainers
  • Professional Wedding / Event Dj's and Mc's
  • Musicians and amazing artists for your celebrations
  • Professional Audio, stage, and party lighting
  • Microphones and Background music services
  • Specialists in weddings and professional wedding entertainment
  • Led Dance-floors, Exclusive Dj booths, and full-stage production shows

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Wedding entertainment Marbella
Important Legal Notice*

Legal Notice regarding entertainers. 

Marbella Bride do our utmost to contract only those acts who are legally registered to work here in Spain. We ensure that legality is in place at the time of booking, but we cannot be held responsible for any change in that status in the future. However, by using only those acts we consider highly professional and that are likely to uphold thier legal status, we minimise any risk of this.

Illegal Acts: 

There is a regular clampdown by authorities for entertainers who are not properly registered on contract or self employment, also those thriving on cash in hand payments. Many times, acts will not tell you their status and sometimes there is no problem. However, illegal acts are now getting rejected from some wedding venues, without proof of tax registration, this means they may not be able to play on your wedding day! They could also be stopped at any time by the Spanish work which may further mess up your day!

Always check your wedding entertainers / vendors are both legal and reliable!


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Want to enjoy our exceptional entertainment for another type of event? No Problemo! We also provide entertainment and services for all types of events, celebrations and special occasions, throughout the Costa del Sol!

For your assurance all Marbella Bride recommendations are: 

  • Legal to work here in Spain, with all necessary paperwork requirements!
  • Based Locally (unless otherwise stated).
  • Reputable and reliable!
  • Working to Excellent standards

Your Wedding should be an experience of the senses!

And that includes your ears!

From the Classical Violinist at the ceremony or the Spanish Guitarist delicately playing away at your cocktail hour, to the Band and the Dj ramping up the evening's entertainment, Marbella Bride knows good music and dancing is an important part of almost all weddings. So it's good to know that Marbella Bride is a specialist in wedding entertainment and together we can help you to coordinate the most amazing day imaginable, full of wonderful sights and sounds to stimulate all the senses! Amazing entertainment for your Marbella Wedding!

Specialist wedding entertainment packages, implemented to very high standards, with our amazing entertainers and DJs who will get the party into full swing!

"If music be the food of love, play on,,, play on!"

You should have it YOUR way!

Entertainment designed to your taste and personality!

This is YOUR wedding day and you will want the entertainment to suit your taste and personality. Our own wedding DJs, for example, will create custom playlists to include your favorites, guest requests and event take requests on the night. They will play any style of music from the latest house music to pop, disco, 70's, 80's, 90's, rock, rnb UK Garage and more! We can also help you to choose from our comprehensive list of reliable bands, singers, musicians, and other entertainers to enhance the day's proceedings with even more style! Enhanced by our own audio and lighting technicians, we have the experience to create amazing wedding entertainment packages, from amazing wedding DJs to an entertainment showcase! Why not make an appointment to visit us here on the Costa del Sol, Marbella, where we reside all year round and enjoy helping couples to have an amazing wedding in Spain!

Exceptional services your wedding in Spain, Marbella Bride, the difference is clear!

Spain's No.1 English-speaking wedding specialists, based on the Costa del Sol for over a decade!

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Marbella's Entertainment Specialists! 

The best solutions for your wedding or event, period!

Marbella Bride is the leading specialist in weddings and events, with a background in outstanding entertainment, so as you can imagine, we expect nothing more than the very best quality in all our acts. That's why we handpick the very best local and international entertainers, musicians and Dj's for your wedding in Marbella. If an act features on Marbella Bride, you can be assured they are, reliable, professional and outstanding, unlike some of the terrible offerings we have seen other wedding and event planners use! We think that good music sets the perfect ambiance, it's a lot more important to get right and budget for, than most people realise! It sets the mood, be it classical music for a classy cocktail hour, or vibrant music for the party!  If you are planning a wedding in Marbella, or surrounding areas and amazing entertainment is important to you, then contact Marbella Bride. We also have our own professional audio, lighting and stage supplies, which look and sound wicked, for any size wedding. Contact Marbella Bride: love(at)

Stunning venues for your wedding in Spain... Just Imagine!

Hey Mark. Now that everything has settled down and we are back from our honeymoon, we wanted to thank you and the special acts Vicky, Quike, Dj Mark and Leo for supporting our wedding in such an amazing and professional way.

Situated on the Costa del Sol, Malaga coastline of southern Spain

Specialist in the planning and provision of weddings and events

Professional services for weddings and special occasions, Marbella Bride.

Mark Antony Borrow

Event planner Spain
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