Wedding and event Bands.

Our most popular selection of local bands popular with weddings..

As we have always prided ourselves in providing your wedding or special event with amazing entertainment, sourced locally from the Costa del Sol, Marbella Bride are proud to present you with these popular live, wedding and event Bands. These are some of our most favoured options and the ones that are most popular for weddings and events in Marbella and locations throughout the Costa del Sol. All these Live bands can be booked through us independent of other services, or they can be included as a part of your wedding or entertainment package with Marbella Bride. We know most of these musicians personally and have worked with some of them many times. So if you like what you see, get in contact with our friendly team! A live band can be the making of your special day, there is something so special about the vibe of real live music!

Our top choice of Local Wedding and event Bands based right here in southern Spain.

Contact our team for more information on booking these talented local artistes.


Bitch Please

Bitch please and the groove machine, a funky high energy party band from Malaga Spain.


Belle Mc Nulty

Belle Mc Nulty has a three band line up mostly in Jazz styles, ideal for cocktail or…


Jackie Brown Band

A popular and vibrant wedding and party band from the Costa del Sol, Jackie Brown rock…


Almoraima Fusion

A unique band with a Fusion of jazz, rock and pop music, with the sound / style of Spanish…


Q Gain

An incredible Premium band for weddings and events throughout Spain, maybe the best money…


Calle Nueva

A Spanish acoustic duo who also play English covers in their own style


Legal Aliens wedding and party Band

The legal Aliens are a top notch wedding and party band


Midnight Mechanics

The amazing Lee Townsend and his Midnight Mechanics are a wedding and function band based…


Manuela and the Groove Machine

A super funky and fun band based in Malaga, they provide the perfect entertainment for…


Miss Gin

A brilliant and long-standing covers band based in Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol


The Rat Pack Live

The Rat pack live is the best tribute show in Spain, if not the best money can buy!


Space Candy

One of the most funky and fun band / Dj combinations money can buy!


Sweet Conga Sound

Sweet conga sound are a Gloria Estefan tribute band, they are ideal for that lively…


The Travellers

Premium event band for weddings and special events, based in Marbella



Kicks by the Ocean is a funky band specialising in Disco house and classic dance covers,…



Fusion Dj, is a DJ Band fused with your selection of the coolest musical talents in the…


Maika Lavera

An outstanding acoustic duo based on the Costa del Sol, excellent music for your wedding…


The SO perfect Orchestra

An amazing Orchestra for those with a healthy budget looking for the very best in musical…


Monkey Tennis

An excellent band that has been around on the Coast for 20 years, well worth booking for…



A lively wedding function band based in Malaga, Spain. Playing a mix of old and new music…


The Q

Wedding and party band the Q are a local band with English singers, covering all your…


Gipsy Kings Tribute

Almoraima - Gipsy Kings Tribute, one of the very best Gypsy Kings tributes available for…


Traditional Flamenco

When in Spain, why not add some Spanish flavor to your wedding, with a traditional Spanish…


Money Makers

A superb Rock band that will blow the roof off of your wedding or special event in…


Latino Turner

Something a little different for your cocktail music, a traditional latin stye band,…


Daddy Jack Band

An excellent wedding and party band from the Algarve, who also provide services on the…


Gospel Choir

A gospel choir for your wedding in Spain, enjoy the amazing voices of Mike and Simone…


Cool Fire party band

A talented Wedding and Party band, Cool Fire are a local band from the Costa del Sol,…


Flying Aces

Live function band from the Costa del Sol, ideal versatile band for weddings and special…


Volare Band

A Gypsy Kings style tribute band located on the Costa del Sol, a popular band for weddings…


Beat 3

Three top musicians unite for an explosive show along with a Dj, Sax, Drums and Violin,…


So Perfect Band

The So perfect band is a premium wedding and event band based in Marbella, Spain


Box Drum Band

A lighter acoustic band playing all your favourite songs old and new! Ideal for weddings…


Wall Street Band

A great band for your wedding in Spain, excellent musicians and talented vocalists local…


Dex's Celtic Connections

A covers band specializing in Celtic numbers, with Dex Park, the Costa del Sol's most well…

For your assurance all Marbella Bride recommendations are: 

  • Legal to work here in Spain, with all necessary paperwork requirements!
  • Based Locally (unless otherwise stated).
  • Reputable and reliable!
  • Working to Excellent standards
Legal Notice

Legal Notice regarding entertainers. 

Marbella Bride do our utmost to contract only those acts who are legally registered to work here in Spain. We ensure that legality is in place at the time of booking, but we cannot be held responsible for any change in that status in the future. However, by using only those acts we consider highly professional and that are likely to uphold thier legal status, we minimise any risk of this.

Illegal Acts: 

There is a regular clampdown by authorities for entertainers who are not properly registered on contract or self employment, also those thriving on cash in hand payments. Many times, acts will not tell you their status and sometimes there is no problem. However, illegal acts are now getting rejected from some wedding venues, without proof of tax registration, this means they may not be able to play on your wedding day! They could also be stopped at any time by the Spanish work which may further mess up your day!

Always check your wedding entertainers / vendors are both legal and reliable!

How does booking a band work?

A guide to booking your wedding or event band in Spain. 

Most bands play in sets of 45 to 50 minutes, taking a 15 minute break for refreshments, this is highly necessary in the warm climate of Spain. The standard is to book a band for 2 sets, although some may offer 3, it's rare for a band to offer 4 or more sets. So basically, with backing music during the break a band is going to cover 2 to 3 hours of your party! If your party is longer than this, then it's a good idea to follow your band with a Dj, who can play out the party for you, as you would like it! Bands usually work from set lists, which they will send to you before the event, you would then pick your favorite tracks from that list, it's not always possible for a band to play a song not already in their list, because, unlike a Dj who can simply download the track, they have to learn and rehearse it. Some band's may accommodate learning a song or two, if given enough time, there is often a small charge for learning new songs.

Booking your band with Marbella Bride is often easier, we know most of our acts personally, not all our acts Speak English, although some do. Special discounts can also be made available to clients planning a full wedding or event with Marbella Bride


Can't decide on a band? 

Marbella Bride are here to help!

It can be a hard decision choosing a band for your wedding or special event, fortunately Marbella Bride are here to help! If the list of bands above do not "float your boat", then don't fear, because we have over 100 amazing local and international bands on our books, so there are plenty we can suggest for you yet! If you are looking for amazing wedding entertainment and are hosting your wedding on Spain's Costa del Sol (Malaga province), then Marbella Bride have more solutions than a Swiss army knife! We want this day to be one your remember for a long time to come, with the sweetest of dreams!

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