Your wedding checklist. 

There is always a lot to consider! 

At first glance, planning your wedding can seem quite straightforward, but as you begin, you may realise that there is a lot more to consider, than you first thought! A good wedding planner can be a great help, especially if you are planning a wedding in Spain, or a destination you are not familiar with. However, just to give you an idea of the things you may need / want to consider for your wedding, take a look at our wedding checklist below. 

Every wedding is different, but every wedding will have a lot of things to arrange and coordinate, this wedding checklist will help you remember things you may not have considered!

  • A wedding venue, the first thing that needs to be decided!
  • Setting your budget and keeping track of spending and payments to be made
  • Food and drink for the guests, meeting the requirements of all the guests is sometimes tricky!
  • Hair and Make up services to look your best! Local services that come to you are the best solution!
  • Furniture and tableware to fit your theme, may be available with the venue, or maybe need to be hired in. 
  • Your wedding ceremony set up, chairs, arch, flowers and more
  • Transport for the guests and / or bridal party, mini buses, wedding car etc
  • An English (or prefered language), speaking Minister to conduct your ceremony (non binding blessing)
  • Setting up a catholic church wedding, if applicable to you. (Catholics can marry in the church in Spain)
  • A good local photographer / film maker, important for the memories!
  • A professional wedding cake designer / maker, ensure they are legal for good hygene! 
  • Decoration, lighting and wedding styling, it can be hard to find the right supplies for that look you want!
  • A professional and experienced local florist for your floral design!
  • A brilliant Dj and / or other musical entertainment such as a wedding band. Entertainment is the pinnicle of your day!
  • Design and Print of, invitations, table plans, place cards, signs etc
  • Children´s entertainment solutions for the young guests. Could be a good idea if a lot of children are attending. 
  • A skilled wedding planner to coordinate the day. Choose a wedding planner local to the area!
  • Audio systems and Microphones throughout the day. Important consideration, especially for weddings over 50 people.
  • A projector or screen for displaying slideshows, videos. A popular want for wedding speech time. 
  • Timings! Working out how to fit everything into the day, is important for your suppliers too!
  • Fireworks or special effects for the wow factor
  • Extras to make the wedding unique and fun
  • The Manpower to set all this up on the day.

Sounds simple, but remember, you have to FIND all this stuff, it does not just appear! Then you have to get everything to your venue, including the guests, plus set it all up, or find someone to do that for you! You also have to make sure, that what you find, is the real deal! No matter where you plan to host your wedding, there are a lot of services out there that sound too good to be true and most probably are! Unless you are really struggling for budget, try to avoid looking for the cheapest quote, it's most often the case that "you get what you pay for" and this is one day that you do not want to take a gamble on a bargain, do you? !! 

If you are planning a destination wedding, then you may have further considerations, like flights, transport from the airport, accommodation for you and your guests. Indeed, wedding planning can be a daunting task, but it's worth it! 

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