An amazing wedding destination! 

The Malaga province of Spain. 

Have you been thinking: "I wish we could do our wedding differently and make it a more unique experience"? 

If the answer is yes, then why not consider hosting your wedding reception in southern Spain? Marbella Bride are based on the Malaga coastline, an area known as the Costa del Sol and each year, we help lots of couples just like you, to live out their dream of having an amazing wedding in Spain! Over the years, we have noticed more and more Americans enjoying the weather and hospitality of Spain, after all, it's one of Europe's nicest destinations! Reasonably cheap flights from the USA and easy travel connections make it quite cost effective too, with the overall costs of a wedding in Spain, still somewhat cheaper than many other European destinations.  Of course, the knowledge that you have professional, English speaking people like Marbella Bride to assist you, makes it a lot easier too, nobody does unique weddings quite like us, so you are assured an amazing time too! 

The Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain makes a magical wedding destination for couples from the USA and Marbella Bride can help you make it unique, fun and magical all the way!

Wedding in Spain

Now, we know very little about the United States, but our clients tell us the average wedding is becoming mighty expensive over there! We are not saying Spain is going to be really cheap, there are flights / accommodation to consider too, but you will most certainly get more bang for your Buck, while experiencing an amazing culture and sun kissed environment! You could even stay longer and double this up as a honeymoon, or fly to another near by destination in Europe for an extended holiday, while you are in this part of the world. Hosting your wedding celebrations in Spain gives your friends & family the perfect excuse to get away too and they will love you for it!

In the Malaga province, made famous for it's resort towns, such as Marbella, there are a wide range of exciting wedding venue options, just take a look at the selection on this website to see! You could choose a beach side wedding, looking out over the Mediterranean sea, or a stunning rural destination with the most majestic countryside and mountain views! You could go 5 star luxury, to rustic and traditionally Spanish, a full on extravaganza, to an intimate affair with just your close family and friends! 

Marriage in Spain

Hosting you wedding reception with Marbella Bride as your Spain based wedding planners also opens up doors to the best entertainment options available in the region. World class musicians, Dj's, Bands and entertainers can make your wedding reception the most memorable day of your life and so it should be!  We help you with everything from the ceremony to the party, decoration, styling and a liberal sprinkle of our wedding magic! 

Your Family and Friends will be stunned when you tell them the wedding destination is Spain!

The Legal Bits. 

Marriage in Spain for Citizens of the USA. 

Becoming legally married in Spain is a rather complicated and lengthy task, it can be done in some cases (see here U.S Embassy in Spain), but most American couples choosing to Marry in Spain would rather avoid the Spanish bureaucracy (the only pain in the butt thing about Spain). Many couples perform a simple registry style marriage in the US to cover legal documentation (the official paper to say, you are married) and then they undertake a blessing service, also known as a humanist wedding ceremony, here in Spain. To all intents and purposes, this blessing can be treated as the official sharing of vows in front of your family and friends, it can include all the decoration of a traditional wedding ceremony.  Humanist ceremonies are really cool, because they can be held at almost any venue, they can also be personalized, so that they reflect your beliefs and ways of thinking, as the unique couple that you really are! 

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English speaking wedding ministers based available on the Costa del Sol.

Getting started on your Journey. 

Planning your wedding in Spain.

Marbella Bride are used to "remote wedding planning" meaning our team are here for you every step of the way. We can offer you reliable and reputable services, great advice and ensure nothing get's confused in translation. We speak native English, so there is no need to battle with the Spanish language, or broken English, which often leads to major mistakes!  We have even planned weddings where the couple never made a visit before the big day!!! The beauty of technology means we can offer video tours of the venue and the area if required, so that you can be certain how it is! 

To get started planning your wedding in Spain, first set yourself a budget and decide how many people might attend. Then contact our team and let's see what we can do for you! You can also take the time to browse this website, as it is packed full of information on planning your wedding in Spain! Our selection of wedding venues is a good place to start, there is something for everyone and covering a wide range of budgets, or styles! 

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Venues on Malaga's Costa del Sol. 
Wedding Malaga Spain

Amazing musicians and entertainment, Marbella Bride style! 

Yes we really want to have our wedding in Spain! 

Great, so let's reach out to each other accross this vast pond!

Marbella Bride are available by Phone, Email, Facebook, Skype and many other messaging services, so that pond got a whole lot smaller! It's easy to speak to us, so why not get in touch and let's discuss your wedding! We have a professional team, but we are really down to earth and friendly, it's always a pleasure to help our U.S based friends to live out their dream in this fantastic part of the world! 

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Not from the USA? 

Sin problema amigos, bienvenidos a todos!

So you are not from the U.S, but you found this page on good old Google, or whatever search engine you use in your part of the world and you are thinking, "maybe we could have our wedding in Spain too"! Marbella Bride welcome and often work with couples from all over the world, with a wide range of backgrounds, religions and cultures. We love people, we love happiness and we would be delighted to help you plan your wedding in Spain, no matter where you are from! So stop thinking and let's make it a reality! 

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