The Humble Flip Flop

Featuring at your wedding in Spain!

What can be said about the humble flip flop, this most rudimentary of footwear and why would you want filp flops to be a feature of your Wedding in Spain? The flip flop is a multi use, cheap, flat footwear and your wedding guests, especially the females, will love you for providing them! The most obvious use and the most common is to provide them for the ladies, so they can kick off the high heels to enjoy the dancing. All the ladies want to look their best and carrying a spare pair of flat shoes is adding to the baggage, but those high heels can become a bit tiring after many hours, especially in the higher temperatures of Spain. Proving a basket of flip flops for the ladies of your wedding party, will give them a relieving pair of footwear for when the going gets tough!

Beach Ceremonies and the Flip Flop.

The flip flop is a beach loving shoe!

If you have found a secluded venue and dream of having your wedding ceremony right on the beach, the flip flop can come into it's own here too! Walking on the sandy beach is not going to be fun for the ladies in heels! So unless you have a fully decked out area and you wanted a sand between the toes type of experience, then providing flip flops is a great way to overcome the sinking heels!

Garden Weddings and the Flip Flop.

Skip like a fairy across the grass!

If you are hosting your wedding in a lush garden, or on an amazing green lawn, there is a good chance it's been kept well watered to keep it that way! Well watered lawns play havoc with high heels, often not just gently sinking, but becoming a little stuck with each step. Dancing on the lawn, if you do not want the expense of having a dance floor laid, is almost certainly the domain of the flip flop, at least for the ladies! The heat in Spain means hot sweaty, swollen feet can be a common issue, so supply some flip flops and give your guests some relief!

The Flip Flop is probably the most useful complimentary footwear than you could provide, at least for the ladies at your wedding in Spain, from versatile dancing shoes to beach wear, the flip flop reigns champion!

Show them off!

Display the flip flops in imaginative ways!

Put them in a basket, a half barrel, a wooden crate, maybe colour coordinate them too, to match your theme, or just to be neutral. Flip Flops are cheap and easy to come by in most countries, they come in all colours and sizes, you can provide flip flops from just a few euros per person. If you are planning your wedding in Spain, Marbella Bride can help you source flip flops locally, but you can also send them to us from your home country and we can store them for you until the wedding day. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a sunny destination like Spain, the flip flop token is a great idea!

Don't let your wedding guests dance barefoot, provide the humble flip flop!

Please feel free to contact Marbella Bride for help with your wedding necessities in the Malaga province.
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