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In the province of Malaga, on Spain's Costa del Sol, there is no other destination known, quite as well, as Marbella! It has the stunning beaches, the sun, the style, the class, the coolness and it plays host as a prime wedding destination for many couples from around the world. Marbella was built around it's old town, an attraction that still exists, if a little hidden away, like a magical place lost in time! Marbella is also a municipality that occupies a rather large strip of the coast. It's most visited beaches nicknamed as "the golden mile", stretch from Marbella to the famous Puerto Banus. So you are not always in Marbella, when you are in Marbella!

It's a cosmopolitan place, with late, vibrant nightlife, attracting people from all over the world and boasting some of Spain's most exclusive restaurants and clubs. Made famous on TV throughout the world, attracting millionaires and celebrities from world wide, Marbella must have something going for it!

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It has some amazing options.

Marbella has some amazing entertainment, Dj's, Saxophonists and bands, to wonderful classical entertainment that take your wedding into another dimension. Next to Ibiza, Marbella has the most funky musical entertainment available on the planet, it's one place in the world that you can put on a seriously epic wedding! Of course, Marbella is not a destination for those with a lower budget, generally prices are higher in the Marbella municipality than in other parts of the Costa del Sol, but then, in comparison to the cost of hosting a classy wedding in say, the UK or Ireland, then Marbella is still going to be reasonable value, unless you go all out! You might want to consider a starting budget in excess of 24,000 Euros for the average wedding at a quality Marbella Beach club, for example, but a lot of your expense will depend on guest numbers and whether you want exclusivity of the venue.

Doing it Marbella, is doing it differently!

Be prepared to do it the Marbella Way!

Marbella is an infamously nocturnal destination, especially in the summer months, things do not really get going until much later in the day, but then it's in the evening that Marbella comes alive and that continues until very late! If you are planning to host your wedding in Marbella, then you must firstly forget about the culture of your own country and be prepared to start your wedding a lot later than you would ever consider back home, but take it later into the night instead, this is the Marbella way! There is a lot to be said for keeping things later, especially in a hot country like Spain, where a wedding meal in the afternoon sun would be an almost unbearable feat! Spain has long summer days, with the longest summer days not getting dark until almost 10pm!

Another benefit of hosting your wedding in Marbella is that you will no doubt be coming for several days, possibly a week, meaning you have plenty of time to spend, doing all sorts with your friends and family. beach club visits, night clubbing, amazing restaurants, classy shopping, are all a parts of Marbella that you can share with your guests, so when it comes to your wedding, you don't have to try and cram too much into the one day!

An evening wedding ceremony, with a beautiful sunset dinner, followed by an amazing party into the early hours, if you do it Marbella, you do it a little differently!

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Marbella and the surrounding Costa del Sol play host to some amazing wedding venue solutions, from it's grand hotels, to the beach clubs, restaurants and resorts, it's one of Europe's nicest destinations for a luxurious wedding in the sun. A wide choice of hotels means it's comfortable for your guests and your wedding in Marbella gives them every excuse to enjoy an amazing holiday too!

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Stunning Wedding venue ideas, top class entertainment, world class gastronomy and a very good chance of an amazing sunny day, Marbella simply has to be top of your list when it comes to wedding destinations in Europe! Marbella Bride are at your service, if you want to know more about getting married in Marbella, or would like to come over to visit us and see some venues, just get in touch! We have a friendly, professional team, who's only wish is to help you enjoy an epic wedding in Marbella, possibly the best wedding destination in Europe! We are native English speaking too, so you do not need to practise your Spanish in order to plan your wedding in Spain, we are your trusted local connection and your guide!

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You know what you want and you know how you want it, but you have no idea how to put it all together, while making sure you book the right services. You looked online and found a whole host of wedding planners in the Marbella area, but you still do not know who to trust! You realise that the Costa del Sol is full of wedding planners and wedding service providers, but you know not all of them will be the good guys! Weddings are not just about good time keeping and spreadsheets, they are best handled with a hands on approach, by a confident team of professional event specialists, welcome to Marbella Bride!

Choosing Marbella Bride, you are choosing more than just a wedding planner who keeps nice spread sheets. With Marbella Bride you are choosing a small team of professionals, who provide many of the services and supplies you need, first hand!

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We love Marbella and we want you to be excited about it too, book a flight and come over to visit, either to begin the process of planning your wedding, or just to enjoy a nice time in one of Spain's best tourist destinations. You can get to Marbella with a fight into Malaga airport, which is usually pretty economical from many countries, Marbella is then around 25 minutes to the outskirts, 35 minutes to Marbella town and 45 minutes to Puerto Banus. You can use a bus, taxi, private transfers, or hire car to get into Marbella, but sadly the train does not run to Marbella, from Malaga. If you would like any further information on Marbella, or hosting your wedding on the Costa del Sol, contact Marbella Bride, we are delighted to help.

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