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Marbella is located in the Malaga province of Spain, a coastal region also known as "The Costa del Sol", it is extremely popular as a wedding destination with couples from the UK, Ireland and even internationally. This region of Spain is one of the most easy to reach, with flights to Malaga daily from most UK airports, it can often be cheaper to fly to Spain than travel any reasonable distance in the UK!

Marbella is an idylic destination for your wedding and boasts some really stunning wedding venues, from the luxury hotels and trendy beach resorts, to quirky little beach bars, majestic villas and rustic rural retreats, there is a wedding venue here to suit all tastes! When it comes to planning a wedding abroad, Marbella has it all, amazing weather (most of the time), incredible scenery and backdrops, be it beach or mountain views, abundant activities, great nightlife and a modern infrastructure than makes hosting your wedding here in Marbella, almost as easy as it is back home!

As a tourist or wedding destination, Marbella is simply one of the best regions of Spain!

Marbella Spain..

etting to Marbella is easy, flying into Malaga Airport (AGP), you are just a 30 minute car ride from the main town of Marbella, or about 45 minutes to the famous Puerto Banus! When we talk about Marbella, we mean the autonomous community of Marbella, not just the town itself, this is quite an expansive area, with a diverse range of experiences, depending where you actually stay!

Puerto Banus is also part of Marbella, this is the nightlife hotspot of the Costa del Sol, frequented by the rich and famous, especially in summer months and home to some of the most exclusive clubs in Spain. Move just a little inland though and Marbella is also home to some amazing rural escapes, free from the hustle and bustle of the Coast, when it comes to planning your wedding here, it has all the choices you could ever want, or need!

English is widely spoken throughout the Marbella / Costa del Sol region!

When it comes to planning your wedding in Spain, you may be worried about the Language barriers, however, English is almost the second language in this region of Spain and although it's always nice to learn a few polite phrases in the mother tongue, you could get away without Speaking any Spanish at all, to be honest! Not only are there English speaking Wedding planners, such as Marbella Bride, but you will also find most (but not all) major hotels, services and attractions will also have staff with at least a basic level of English too! The British and Irish tourists are very well catered for here in Marbella, why not plan a trip and experience the area for yourself!

Still, you do have to remember this is a different culture, with a rather laid back attitude, things still work a little differently here in Spain, so expect things to take a little longer and allow for that slower pace of life! If planning your wedding here in Spain, it is highly advisable to enlist the help of a bilingual wedding planner who has experience of the area, local customs and laws... See our F.A.Q page.

Marbella offers a wide choice of stunning wedding venues!

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