Technical needs for your wedding or event. 

Often overlooked, but very important! Make sure to allow this in your budget!

When planning your wedding it's all too easy to get carried away with the styling, decoration and of course, the food choices, but you simply must budget and allow for the technical needs too! Any event of over 30 people, will benefit from microphones and amplification, of course, you will probably want music too and with many venues, each part of the day is often in a different area, meaning, you either need multiple speaker systems, or you need to move the one you have! If you are planning your wedding in Spain, this is all the more important to consider, as most hotels have either very basic sound systems, or they don't have them at all! Certainly, if you are hosting a wedding of 100 or more people, then you need to be looking at external suppliers for your audiovisual and microphone requirements. Really, you also need someone competent to work it all for you, cue the music, control volume levels on the microphones, as well as set up and take down the equipment, it's a lot of work! 

Fortunately, Marbella Bride can provide all these services for our clients direct! Unlike most other wedding planners, we have our own quality audio systems, speakers, microphones and mixing desks, as well as competent staff, who are trained to use them! We know the needs of weddings inside out, so the technical needs of your wedding will always be provided for perfectly!  Quality sound for weddings and events of all sizes!

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Before you take those all-important vows, or Dad does his epic monolog, make sure you can be heard, loud and clear! Photo by Sol Wedding

Top technical needs of the average wedding. 

There is more to think of than you think! 

Speaker systems and microphones

You will need amplification for speech and music.

Already mentioned above, you generally need microphones and amplification for the ceremony and for the speeches during dinner, you may also want speakers for playing music during the cocktail hour, if your venue does not offer that facility. You will also need something to play the music from and something to connect that device too, you will also need someone to operate it for you, at just the right times! You could hire some speakers/microphones, but then you need someone technically minded, to operate the system for you. We always recommend you hire a professional service for wedding and event audio, it's so much less stress in the long run! 

Audio for the DJ, Band or even the minister!

Check if it's included and suitable for your crowd!

Some Dj's and Bands include the equipment they need and some do not! If you have a large wedding, you may also need a stage and specialist lighting, but at least, these entertainers are going to need sound and light to perform with! Always check that the service you book includes all the equipment and that the equipment is going to be suitable for your venue and crowd size! Bands and Dj's can often need quite complex and expensive setups! If you have a wedding minister to conduct your wedding ceremony, they too may require suitable speaker systems and microphones.

Power requirements

Don't just assume everything will work! :(

If you are planning a wedding or event in Spain, it's always sensible to ask about the condition of the power supply in the venue you choose, especially those in rural locations! Not all venue's may have the usual power you may expect from the sockets, meaning that for larger entertainment shows, or lots of lighting, you may need to hire an additional generator! In any case, if you are planning a wedding in Spain, it's a good idea to scope the venue for technical things too, such as the location of and the number of power sockets available, as often there is insufficient, so you need to plan for a lot of cables! 

It's good to know, Marbella Bride have generators and also many battery-powered solutions to overcome power issues and the need for a ton of cables! Professional battery-powered Bose PA speakers, wireless mic's and lighting can really help in those tricky situations! 

Event Lighting

It's not just the entertainment that needs lighting!

Sitting in the dark is no fun, so check out the lighting situation at your venue too! Lights can be a decorative addition to create ambiance, but they can also be very practical too! Here in Spain, not all venues have adequate lighting and trust us, candles are pretty, but they don't light up the table! Depending on the type of lighting you intend to have, this will add to your electrical power requirements too! There are of course battery-powered options, but for large weddings in dimly lit areas, you are better off with mains powered lighting installed by an event lighting professional. 

If your wedding is on the Costa del Sol, you will be pleased to know Marbella Bride stock a large range of wedding and event lighting.

Wedding ceremonies in Spain, Marbella

If the destination is Marbella, there is an easy way! 

Marbella Bride, excellence in all we do!

If you are planning a wedding in Marbella, or surrounding areas of the Costa del Sol, then why not leave all this technical stuff to the professionals? Marbella Bride can assist you with all you need for an amazing wedding or event, with our own professional equipment and skilled team! Wedding planning assistance throughout the process, from the decision-making stage, to set up, assistance and support on the day, it's so much better with Marbella Bride by your side! We know most of the venues in this region like the backs of our hands and we live / work in Spain all year round!

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