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Can I legally Marry in Spain?

Many couples choose to do the legal paperwork in their home countries and have a blessing service (humanist ceremony) here in Spain. This is often the best way in order to avoid a mountain of paperwork in Spanish! However, catholic couples can marry via the church and UK citizens have the option of legal marriage in Gibraltar! In the case of a blessing, you are much more able to ensure your ceremony is conducted in English too.... More information can be found here.

Is planning a wedding more difficult in Spain?

Planning a wedding in Spain is not as simple as it may be in the UK, Ireland or many other EU countries, you must remember the rather different culture here! Not only do service providers not always speak English, they can also have a very laid back attitude, you have to allow a LOT more time to plan your wedding in Spain. It's also wise to remember that there are lot's of not so reputable services operating here, although some can appear very convincing!

Our advice is that It is always better to enlist the help of a resident wedding planner and often saves you way more than the wedding planners fee costs!

Why choose the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol is one of the best places in Spain for a destination wedding, it has a far more balanced climate than many other regions, it's people are very hospitable and it has a reasonably modern infrastructure. There is a wide choice of excellent venues to choose from and long gone is the food and water hygiene woes of the past! The Costa del Sol is just 2.5 hours flight from the UK / Ireland too, with regular low cost flights available to Malaga from almost all UK and Irish airports. Why not make a visit and find out for yourselves!

What is the best time of year for my wedding?

With the warm climate of the Costa del Sol, we still cannot guarantee a sunny day, but the most popular months are May to September for outdoor weddings. This does not mean, however, that the rest of the year is out of bounds and there are many stunning indoor / outdoor venues too, in case of bad weather! You can enjoy an amazing wedding on the Costa del Sol any time of year!

How established are Marbella Bride?

Very, our website is new, but we are not! We are part of the Costa del Party group of event specialists and have been established here in Spain many years. As costadelparty.com we began to assist with more and more weddings, so Marbella Bride was born! With a new website and specialist services dedicated to weddings and nothing but weddings! We like to consider ourselves as the wedding specialists of the Costa del Sol, not only for our experience, but also because we are suppliers of services, entertainment and equipment for many other professional wedding planners too!

Is it more expensive or Cheaper?

Generally speaking, planning your wedding celebrations in Spain is cheaper than in the UK and Ireland on an equal level. What we mean by that is, whether you choose a rustic venue, luxury 5 star hotel or villa wedding, it would work out less than an similar venue in the UK. However, there are expenses to take into consideration, such as flights, guest accommodations etc, it can work out more expensive for your guests in some circumstances, but then, they also benefit from a Sun Kissed holiday on the Costa del Sol, as well as attending your amazing wedding!

Will the Brexit cause a problem for my wedding in Spain?

This is a question worrying a few clients, we very much doubt though it will have any major impact on short stays and tourism visits to Spain. The only thing that may impact on your wedding plans could be the exchange rate between the Pound and Euro, which could affect your budget a little. However, this has always fluctuated anyway, its just a chance you take, but overall, prices are a bit cheaper here in Spain, especially the all important food and drink! Spain would not want to loose on the tourism, or the wedding market, we think you are safe to book your wedding in Spain, without too much concern!


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