Beach Weddings on the Costa del Sol.

Weddings by the beach in Spain, amazing, but there are considerations!

The Costa del Sol has some amazing, sub tropical beaches and it is many couples dream to make use of this as part of their wedding day. Let's face it, there is nothing like a sun kissed beach and the sand between your toes on your wedding day! However, as always, there are considerations to take into account, before you run ahead with your imagination! In Spain, the beach is not private and is public property, meaning privacy is not something you can guarantee, it also means, you must abide by some rules when considering your wedding ceremony, for example, on the beach!

You cannot just rock up onto any beach, setting up decorations, carpets, arches, flowers, chairs and other typical wedding ceremony accessories.

You cannot simply set up an amazing wedding on the beach in Spain, as you may well be told to move on, the beach is public property! However if you were to simply conduct an intimate ceremony on the beach, without chairs for the spectators, or a fancy aisle, then you should have no problem. It is always best to host your wedding at a beach side venue, that may have room for the ceremony, or an area close to the beach in which to conduct your wedding ceremony undisturbed! A venue with some kind of hard standing terrace or decking would also be a sensible move, unless you are happy with flip flops as your wedding footwear.

Consider the time of year carefully!

Peak season may not be the best idea depending on your venue.

If you are considering a beach wedding in Spain, then you are probably imagining the summertime too, there is nothing like a sun kissed beach is there? However many couples make the mistake of thinking peak summer time, June, July, August or early September would be the best time for a beach wedding! Well it would, but you also have to consider that in those months, the beaches get "rammed" with people, from sunrise, to sunset, so unless you are considering a late wedding, be prepared to share the beach with the sun lovers and the parasols!

Considering a much later wedding is the most practical solution, as the beaches tend to clear just before sunset, it's also much cooler! 

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The Footwear

We want to feel the sand between our toes!

Feeling the sand between your toes is such a romantic notion, but totally impractical in Spain during summer months, the Sand here is a darker colour and during the day it gets hot and I mean hot, way to hot to walk on bear foot! It is quite a comical affair to watch people try and walk on the sand in summer, even a little sand boarding your flip flop is going to cause some hopping around! Then we come to the high heel lovers, of course, an impractical, if not impossible footwear to use on sand whatever the weather, but again, rather comical observing those who try! To wear heels on the beach, you will need to allow for quite a lot of boarding and expense to make a suitable platform and the chairs will often sink too!.. Read More

Flip Flops and flat shoes are the ideal footwear for beach weddings in Spain, to avoid contact with the hot sand and the impracticality of high heels.

Beach weddings can be a late affair!

In Spain and Especially near the beach, expect to conduct the wedding later.

You will also need to bear in mind that most beach wedding venues, such as beach clubs and beach side hotels will not allow your wedding before 7-8pm, some might allow earlier times, but in peak summer months, they will want a large premium to do so! For example, some of the most popular venues, such as Puro Beach, Estrella del Mar, La Cabane and Don Carlos, would suggest your wedding ceremony from 7/8pm. This is not a bad thing though, as during the peak months of summer, it get´s very hot here in Spain, maybe a little too hot to expect guests to sit, fully suited at your afternoon ceremony, or dine in the blistering mid day sun! You have to remember too that Sunset can be as late at 9.50pm in Spain during summer months and before it sets, it's hot!

So when is the best time for a beach wedding in Spain.

Just before and just after the peak months of July / August is a good target.

You could consider March to April, or September to November for a beach wedding in Spain, although this may carry some risk of unfavourable weather, here on the Costa del Sol, it could equally be a glorious day! With over 300 days of sunshine a year, there is a good chance of a spring or autumn beach wedding in Spain, before the beaches become crowded with holidaymakers! You still need to pick your venue wisely though, but our friendly wedding specialists can assist you with that! If you are intent on a summer wedding, then consider starting your wedding at a much later time and ending later to compensate, your guests will thank you for it!

Rain is a Pain, but wind can be worse!

When planning your scheme and decoration, remember it could be windy!

Nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day, especially when opting for Spain and hoping for a sun kissed fairy-tail, sadly though, it does rain here sometimes, although there is less chance than most other locations in Europe! Wind however is a different matter, it can be windy by the sea, even on the most sunniest of days! If you are planning an outside wedding by the sea, wind is a factor you really should consider, especially when choosing decoration!

All in all, it´s an amazing to host your wedding by the sea!

We certainly do not want to put you off, weddings by the beach are super!

We certainly have no intention to put you off of hosting your wedding by the sea in Spain, but just to open your mind to the possible drawbacks, so that you can try to avoid them! If you would like some advice on hosting your wedding here in Spain, why not give us a call! With years of experience planning weddings on the Costa del Sol, we can offer you advice that may save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run!

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