The Brexit and your Wedding in Spain.

Will the brexit affect your plans of a wedding in the Sun?

Lot's of people have been concerned about booking their wedding celebrations in Spain due to the Brexit. Uncertainty as to what will happen next, or whether the British will be allowed to travel freely, or have health cover during their stay has some people in a flap! So what do we think about the Brexit and it's possible implications on travel and planning your wedding here over the next few years?

We think not, well not a lot anyway! Spain will never refuse the British tourism, which is relies heavily on to bolster its economy, so we do not expect the casual tourist to be affected in any way. The Brexit is more likely to affect those looking to work, or make a new home in Spain, than those wishing to spend some time here enjoying all that this wonderful land has to offer! We feel that it is safe to book your wedding venue for March 2019 and beyond, taking out travel insurance, as you should anyway, is always a sensible move to cover any health surprises!

Update: The EU have already suggested that British passport holders will still get 90 days visa free travel, even in the event of a No Deal Brexit! This will be a great relief to those planning a wedding break here!  We are awaiting news on driving licenses, but the UK government have already suggested you can apply for an international license at the post office, for a fee of 5.50 pounds, which will entitle you do drive in Spain, should you need to! 

Where the Brexit could possibly have an effect on your wedding in Spain, especially for British national, is financially. The markets and exchange rates will become volatile over the next few years, meaning there is no telling what your Pound will be worth, by the time you are flying over for your wedding. However, to be honest, it's always been that way! No matter what happens, it's probably going to be cheaper in Spain, than in the UK anyway, plus you have the added bonus of the sunshine, a sub tropical landscape and the hospitality only Spain can provide!

A few grey areas!

A few things that MAY be affected by the Brexit.

Gibraltar: Some British couples choose to get married in Gibraltar, where they can have a legally binding wedding ceremony, while enjoying the wedding celebrations on the Costa del Sol. We do not yet know how this will be affected. The most likely affect could be on the border of Gibraltar, but we will keep you posted on this as news as it unfolds! Again, we do not expect too much disruption. 

Bringing in services or supplies from the UK. 

It's best to stick to local services and supplies based in Spain. 

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, then there will be no transition period after 29th March 2019, it may be that the UK government strike a deal, but it could be the case they do not. If there is a no deal Brexit, then bringing goods in and out of Spain may be a little more complicated and enevitably more expensive! UK Citizens that were not already living here will not be eligable to work here either, so it may be no good bringing that singer, Dj, band or wedding planner in from the UK. Without a work visa, or residency, they would likely be rejected from working in many venues. So using local suppliers, services and supplies that are based in Spain and legal to operate, is a far safer option! 

Legal right to marry in Spain.

It was never that easy in the first place.

Most British couples choose to marry in the UK registry office, while having a blessing ceremony and hosting the wedding celebrations in Spain, this type of wedding is unlikely to be affected. However, those wishing to legally marry in Spain, may be wrought with even more complicated paperwork than before! As a general rule though, to legally marry in Spain requires at least one of the parties to be resident in Spain, or both of you to be members of the catholic church. Hence why many couples choose the Gibraltar route, or marry in a registry before they arrive and then have a humanist blessing here! 

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Summing it up.

Don't miss out on an amazing wedding in Spain!

Use an established and legally operating wedding planner to assist you with your wedding in Spain. Most will be keeping an eager eye on anything that may affect your wedding, but we really do not think there is anything to worry about! You have to remember, people were holidaying and moving to Spain long before Europe existed and we are quite sure it will be business as usual! Marbella Bride will help you navigate the process of hosting your wedding in Spain, EU or no EU!

If you would like to speak with one of our consultants, please do not hesitate! 

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Wedding in Spain after Brexit

Don't forget your insurance!

If you need help deciding the best travel insurance and wedding insurance for UK Citizens, then feel free to ask our team at Marbella Bride. As Spain's biggest and best English speaking wedding planners, we want to ensure your wedding is free from unexpected surprises and costs! Brexit was not our choice and may not be yours, but it should not affect your choice to host your wedding celebrations in Spain! 

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