Choosing a wedding venue for that big party!

Only certain venues are suitable for a late and loud bash!

As the Costa del Sol's most funky wedding planners, we are most certainly in favour of finishing the day with an epic party, but if that's your style too, then choosing the right wedding venue is essential! Scan through our guide, or get in touch with our team for real world advice!

When planning a wedding in Spain, many couples will, of course, want a big party to celebrate, this could mean live music, a Dj or combination of entertainment throughout the day. You may also have visions of the party extending into the early hours, while enjoying the outdoor experience too, however, this would mean you need to choose your wedding venue very carefully! Contrary to beliefs, Spain has a very strict policy on outdoor music, especially in urbanised areas, with many venues unable to host outdoor music much later than midnight and some unable to have it outside at all! The Spanish police are very quick to react to complaints and can ask you to stop the music at any time, often including a fine, which is not what you need on your wedding day, is it?

If the party is of the utmost importance to you, then you need to choose the venue for it's ability to allow outdoor, or late music, meaning that amazing villa you have seen, that ticked every box, may not be a good one after all!

So what wedding venues should you be looking at for our epic party?

Avoid urbanised, built up areas, as there will often be noise restrictions, or early finish times.

If you are looking at a villa style wedding, then you should probably be excluding all villas with close by neighbours, this means choosing secluded or rural villas over those in the middle of everything. The Costa del Sol is most developed along the coast, meaning many beach side villas, or sea view options are normally bang smack in the thick of things, where people are highly likely to complain about your celebrations! There are some villas that will have indoor facilities for the party though, so if you were happy to take the party indoors after the meal, they could be an option!

Some villa owners, (even some wedding planners) just want your money, they will often not tell you about previous complaints or problems, leaving you to discover this closer to your wedding day, or when the police come knocking! It's yourselves that will face the closure of your day, or the fines! Fortunately Marbella Bride can help you make the right choices, we are the transparent wedding specialists and we can cut right through the nonsense to help you make the right moves! Rule of thumb is, never just rent a villa as your wedding venue and assume you can just do what you want, you need advice first and to know about any restrictions, before you pay that deposit!

So, you still want a villa wedding and a big outdoor party!

Be sensible about the venue you book, would you like your neighbours throwing a big party?
  • Choose secluded or Rural properties, you have much more chance
  • Choose venues with indoor space dedicated for your party
  • Try to find out if there have been any previous complaints about outdoor music
  • Limit your noise output, the band or Dj may need to play at a little less volume!
  • Don't bring in crazy audio systems and huge sub woofers, you are asking for trouble!
  • Enquire with the local authorities and let them know your plans, they may help
  • Avoid villas in built up residential areas where possible
  • Book your villa venue through a reputable wedding planner, rather than direct

Beach Club and Hotel Options.

Facilities with indoor party rooms, or boutique hotels in rural locations are best!

Hotels and beach clubs are often better equipped to accommodate a late celebration, live bands, entertainers and wedding Dj's, but again, not all of them! Some will still have an outdoor restriction for music, often 12 midnight, but many will have spacious indoor facilities, where the party can continue into the early hours. Beach clubs and professional hotel wedding venues often have the best of both worlds, with beach side dining and daytime music, plus facilities where you can rock the house all night long! Boutique hotels or rural hotels are also just perfect for weddings and many have a later cut off time, or can be booked exclusively so not to bother other guests!

  • Make sure you mention your exact intentions for your party to the venue, before booking!
  • Hotels and beach clubs can be more transparent about their noise restrictions
  • Choose a venue that has the right facilities to accommodate that amazing wedding band or Dj
  • Enlist the help of a local wedding planner, to guide you into the right venue for your needs
  • Indoor venues often have a much better ambience for amazing entertainment
  • Some beach clubs may allow late music outside, if secluded from residential areas

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It's a party and it's my wedding, why would people complain!

It would probably be OK as a one off, but most often it's not!

After reading this article you may be thinking Spain is just full of grumpy old "party poopers" and although we are sure there are one or two, it's not really the case. You see, many rental villa's, especially those advertising to accommodate weddings or events, may be hosting weddings on a regular basis, meaning it's not just one nights sleep the neighbours will loose! If your neighbours were having regular, late parties and keeping you awake at night, would you not complain? There is also the fact that Spain is a hot country, meaning double glazing and soundproof windows are rare and many people also choose to sleep with windows open, meaning sound permeates living quarters with ease!

During summer months, which is most likely when you are planning your wedding, the Costa del Sol is crammed with people of all ages, most neighbouring villas, even may have been empty during winter months and are now bursting with life. These can include families with young children and elderly people relaxing in the Spanish sun, they might not enjoy your wedding celebrations, or listening to dad's long speech over the PA system at all!

If you need any help and advice choosing the right wedding venue in Spain, contact Marbella Bride, we are happy to provide sensible, practical advice to ensure you have the best wedding imaginable!

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