Your wedding in Spain and the Coronavirus. 

Where do you go from here? We try to offer some advice and suggestions.

Life is often quite unpredictable at the best of times, but this time last year nobody could have predicted the unprecedented disruption that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) would bring to our day to day lives! In a matter of a few weeks, life changed dramatically for many people around the world and as I am writing this, Spain is on a nationwide lockdown, with closed borders and people only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, like to buy food! Many other nations are following suit as the virus spreads amongst us and where, or when this will all end, is as yet uncertain! 

If you have a destination wedding booked then you will naturally be worried, all of a sudden all the plans you have made are in jeopardy, damn you coronavirus! So what should you do now? 

We really wish that we knew when this will all end and the world will return to normal, but the fact is, as yet, we don't! So we now recommend postponing your wedding to a later time. As this virus issue is an act of god, or "force majeure", it is quite unlikely that you will get any refunds either, however, most reputable companies and services, (including Marbella Bride), will be doing their very best to help you by offering an alternative date! Postponing your wedding to a much later time in the year, or to 2021, is the most sensible thing you can do, the longer it's postponed, the more chance you have that everything is returned to normal! After all, who wants to continue with a wedding, at home, or abroad, with the risk of a lockdown looming, or a virus spreading between your wedding guests?  It could be that 2020 is just not the right year to get married after all? 

Most wedding venues, wedding planners and vendors should be happy to postpone your wedding and move any deposits paid to that new date.  We also know that many airlines and hotels will offer this too, after all, it's not your fault the Coronavirus spoiled your plans, so don't be afraid to ask for help and see what each companies policy is, with regards to this disaster! Of course, we can hope that things return to normal quickly, but sadly hope does not help to plan a wedding! Nobody wants their wedding full of uncertainty, we understand that!

All that remains is to stay safe and look after yourselves, the wedding plans can wait, good health is the most important thing we all have!

If you are considering a wedding in 2021 and would love Spain as the destination, contact Marbella Bride who will be delighted to help you plan the perfect wedding!

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