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24/10/2020 Update and thoughts

It's almost the end of October 2020 and the Coronavirus (Covid 19), shows no sign of letting up. Spain's health minister has announced that we face at least, 6 more very hard months here on the peninsula and currently restrictions here are being reinforced, not relaxed. We are now under travel restrictions, the rule of six and curfews in place across the country. President Sanchez has said that he estimates Coronavirus cases in Spain to be as high as 3 million! So what is my prediction and advice? 

It's a very tough situation if you have planned to celebrate your wedding here in Spain, nobody can give you an answer as to how the coronavirus situation will be when your wedding date comes around and that's quite nerve-racking! Everyone thought that by 2021 things would have been resolved, but now it's looking like, for at least for the first half of the coming year, we could still be facing restrictions and possible quarantines. There are talks of vaccines, but these would take time to distribute among the population, so I think we will probably face some restrictions or at least need to wear masks here for most of 2021, however, that's just my guess!

We also have to bear in mind the condition of your own country with regards to covid19, the UK for example is currently under lockdown and also has a 14-day quarantine in place. France, Germany and many other countries around the world are facing lockdowns or restrictions. Consumer confidence in travel is at an all-time low, rapidly changing restrictions make booking a trip a lot riskier, as many have found out when quarantines have been announced all of a sudden, leaving them rushing to get home! How do you think your guests will feel booking a trip to Spain at the moment?

All said, my guess is the first half of 2021 may well be another "total washout"! I do expect restrictions to be a lot lighter by July/August. If I were a gambling man, I would place my bets on any sort of real "normality" not returning until the start of 2022.

Of course, I may be wrong and covid19 may disappear as fast as it appeared, but somehow I doubt that, do you?  Either way it's not the ideal climate in which to plan your wedding, it's full of uncertainty and even as experts in the field, we cannot say how your wedding will be! Some of you have already moved your wedding from 2020 to 2021 and to move it yet another year away may have you feeling like giving up hope, but then, what sort of wedding can you have anywhere at the moment? My suggestion is that if your wedding is before July 2021, then you should postpone to 2022, if it's after July 2021, then wait and see what happens in a few months time. 

If you need help or advice about Coronavirus and your wedding in Spain, please feel free to get in touch. 

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