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Spain is a notoriously difficult country in which to conduct a legally binding wedding ceremony, unless you are a resident, or Spanish! However, those couples living in Europe and who are both members of the Catholic church can indeed have a legally binding church wedding here in Spain, but must be prepared for some long waits and a bit of tedious paperwork to contend with! Unless you live in Spain, we do not recommend you attempt this without an experienced wedding planner who is based in Spain and can help you through the process! In fact, in many cases, it's almost compulsory to enlist the help of a local wedding planner, unless you intend to be flying back and fourth to make various appointments!

Marbella Bride can provide a special service for the arrangement of Catholic church weddings in southern Spain.

The first step is finding the Church you would like to marry at, this link is for the Catholic Churches throughout the Malaga region, but bear in mind, not all of them may conduct the service in English. We can advise you of the ones that can, if booked our specialised service for church wedding arrangements.

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Arranging a legally binding church wedding in Spain can be a slow process and in some cases, you will not have official confirmation until 6 month before your wedding date. It can require several personal visits to the church you wish to proceed with, but a local wedding planner can be authorised to make the arrangements on your behalf. Speak to Marbella Bride, or come an visit us on your trip to the Costa del Sol.

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If you are not of the Catholic church and not a resident of Spain, there is little chance of conducting a legally binding wedding ceremony in Spain. For that reason, many couples choose to marry in a registry office of their home country and then have a blessing, or humanist ceremony here in Spain. This type of Ceremony can be conducted at practically any venue and is often regarded as the real wedding, with your reception following on.

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