Firework Displays

By Licensed technicians, official permits are obtained.

There is nothing like fireworks to make a big statement at your wedding, be it an outdoor display, or an explosion of white fountains to mark the start of your lives together. Marbella Bride's Piro-technic partners are here to help, with professional indoor and outdoor firework displays for your wedding in Spain. In Spain fireworks are subject to several laws and conditions, in most cases, it may require official permission from the authorities, however, our firework team help you to apply for everything needed! In some areas, such as Marbella, it's easier to get permission for a firework display than in other locations such as Mijas which have more restrictions, or Nerja, where it's very difficult to get permission, (scroll down this page for alternatives).

Enjoy professional firework displays for your wedding or special event on the Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain, with legal and licensed firework show providers.

Photos below from an actual display at the Estrella del Mar Beach club.
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    Firework Displays require permission in Spain!

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Firework Displays in Spain.

Professional outdoor displays for weddings.

Outdoor firework shows in Spain using less than 10kg of fireworks can often be less hassle to obtain permission from the authorities, we must also have written permission from the registered owner of the property from which they will be ignited. A 10kg, 5-minute show is still a pretty impressive display, but larger fireworks shows can often be held as long as the local authorities grant permission. We can help you along with this process and there is no fee if permission is not able to be granted.

  • First, you MUST get written permission from the owner of your venue!
  • Then you may need to get permission from the local town hall - Do not try without it!
  • At some times of the year, fireworks may be totally prohibited in Spain due to fire risk!

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We would need to know the exact location the firework display will take place, plus the exact time (this must be before midnight),  you must have written permission from the owner of the property. We can then apply for permission for a firework display through the local Spanish authorities and will normally have the decision within approximately 3-4 weeks. In some cases, permission will be granted with certain stipulations, such as the attendance of a fire officer, for which there are extra fees added by the authorities. 

We do not recommend attempting your own firework show without permission, or using non-professionals, who may not have the required insurance and knowledge of legal safety procedures for setting up a firework show!

In the video above: A Firework display at the Cabane Beach Club - Los Monteros.

Just Don't try D.I.Y! 

While available to purchase, it's not advisable!

Fireworks can indeed be purchased for limited individual use from certain outlets in Malaga city, but attempting to create your own firework display in Spain can land you in a lot of trouble! Spain can be a very dry country in summer and is often at risk of and suffers wildfires. Because of this, the authorities are very careful and in peak summer, all outdoor fires are banned, including the use of Fireworks, unless ignited under strict controls. There are very big fines for not observing the local rules for the use of fireworks, or outdoor naked flames, which vary from town to town! It's never worth attempting a firework display in Spain by yourself, always use an insured and professional pyrotechnic service! 

Cold Firework Effect Fountains - An alternative wow!

No flame firework effects, amazing for the first dance and not requiring permission from the authorities.

This type of firework effect makes a great alternative to traditional fireworks and it does not require any permission from the authorities!  Cold Sparkle fountains can also be used in suitable indoor spaces, and even in quite close proximity to people, as the sparkles produced do not burn. Permission from the venue owner should still be sought, but these types of sparkler firework fountain effects do not require permission from the Spanish authorities. These fireworks look amazing around the dancefloor for the first dance, or as a dramatic show during the cutting of the wedding cake. These cold fountain fireworks are professionally set up and ignited for you by qualified personnel.

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If you would like more information on having Fireworks at your wedding on the Costa del Sol, then please contact Marbella Bride. Ensure you add the exact address of the venue you are hosting your wedding at.

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