Making plans for the unexpected.

Life is so unpredictable, you never really know!

Life is unpredictable at the best of times, we call it "uncontrollable circumstance", the twists and turns that can happen suddenly, without warning, can hit us when we least expect it! Sadly, this unpredictability does not wait until the most convenient time and it really does not care that it may affect your wedding day plans! Take Covid for example, nobody could have predicted that! Weddings can be very expensive, whether you do them here in Spain, or at home. If your plans need to change at the last minute, or unfortunate circumstances strike, then you could be left footing the bill for a day that never happened, or services you never had! Would it not make sense then, to ensure you have some form of insurance cover, so at least you can claim some of this misfortune back? In fact, it's silly not to take out some kind of insurance to cover your wedding expenses, especially when planning your wedding abroad!

Having been in the wedding trade for many years, Marbella Bride has seen our share of the unexpected!

Unpredictable is the way life is and over the last few years alone we have seen several disastrous circumstances that have left couples in total dismay on their wedding day! We have also seen suppliers and venues go bust, or close down, often without warning! Even Marbella Bride are not infallible, in fact, nobody is as circumstances, health issues, disasters, and even death can occur to any one of us, at any time! In the last two years alone, we have also seen two brides end up in hospital on their wedding day, one of which required emergency surgery and a hospital stay of 6 weeks in Spain, before she could go home, there were never any warning signs!

Use legitimate suppliers!

There are many reasons to avoid that cash-in-hand deal!

There are plenty of suppliers, wedding planners and even venues that are not quite what they seem, maybe you have been shopping around and take up that cheaper "cash deal" for some of your wedding service providers. Our advice is don't! Always ensure that your services are totally legitimate, in Spain, this means they are tax-paying companies/services, with a valid NIF, CIF or VAT (IVA) number, they should also be charging you IVA (VAT) and able to produce you with an invoice. Why is this so important? Simply because a cash deal is not recognised by anyone as ever having happened, you are agreeing to do things "under the table" and therefore, if things go wrong, you will not be able to gain any legal assistance, it also means your insurance company is unlikely to cover you for any loss you incur! This does not mean you cannot pay the supplier in cash, just that the transaction must be legally recorded, in which case, a bank transfer is often the safer method anyway!.. More of this advice.

If you would like some sensible advice on planning your wedding in Spain, Marbella Bride is here to help, please feel free to contact us.

Insure your wedding expenses.

Make provision for the unexpected, is it not worth it?

We highly recommend taking out an insurance policy to cover your wedding expenses, after all, the average wedding will set you back 10's of thousands of pounds (Or Euros) and an insurance policy will not add significantly to the overall budget! If you are planning your wedding in Spain, we also recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance too and many insurance companies will be able to offer both in combination!

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