Wedding Entertainment Speciality.

Brilliant entertainment for weddings in Spain.

When you are looking for amazing and professional entertainment for your wedding on the Costa del Sol, Marbella Bride have you covered! As we started out as part of the entertainment and event planning service Costa del Party, we know the perfect entertainers, singers, musicians, bands and Dj's that would grace any wedding celebration. We even have our own wedding dj's, professional sound systems and lots of stunning lighting too and we can coordinate amazing entertainment packages throughout your wedding day, right into the evening party! We understand good wedding entertainment like no other and we use only the most professional and reliable acts available on the Costa del Sol.

You can use our specialist Wedding entertainment can be booked independent of our wedding planning or other services, we work closely with many other wedding planners too and are happy to work alongside yours!

  • Bands and Musicans of all Genres
  • English, Spanish and international acts
  • Singers and entertainers
  • Professional Wedding Dj's and Mc's
  • Fully Coordinated wedding entertainment packages
  • Professional Audio, stage and party lighting
  • Wedding friendly and reliable entertainment
  • Over 250 Local and International acts available
  • Microphones and Background music services
  • Specialists in weddings and wedding entertainment
  • Led Dance-floors, Exclusive Dj booths and full stage shows

The best entertainment services for truly epic weddings on the Costa del Sol.

Marbella Bride & Costa del Party - Marriage made in heaven!

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We believe your Wedding should be an experience of the senses!

And that includes your ears!

From the Violinist at the ceremony or the Spanish Guitarist delicately playing away at your cocktail hour, to the Band and the Dj ramping up the evenings entertainment, we know good music and dancing is an important part of almost all weddings. So it's good to know that Marbella Bride are specialists in wedding entertainment and we can help you to coordinate the most amazing day imaginable, full of sights and sounds to stimulate all the senses!

Specialist wedding entertainment packages, implemented to very high standards, with our amazing entertainers and Dj's who will get the party into full swing! If music be the food of love, play on,,, play on!

You will want it YOUR way!

Entertainment designed to your taste and personality!

This is YOUR wedding day and you will want the entertainment to suit your taste and personality. Our own wedding Dj's, for example, will create custom playlists to include your favourites, guests requests and event take requests on the night. They will play any style of music from the latest house music, to pop, disco, 70's, 80's, 90's, rock, rnb UK Garage and more! We can also help you to choose from our comprehensive list of reliable bands, singers, musicians and other entertainers to enhance the day's proceedings with even more style! Enhanced by our own audio and lighting technicians, we have the experience to create amazing wedding entertainment packages, from amazing wedding Dj's to an entertainment showcase! Why not make an appointment to visit us here on the Costa del Sol, where we reside all year round and enjoy helping couples to have an amazing wedding in Spain!

Exceptional services your wedding in Spain, choose Marbella Bride, because, average is just not good enough!

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Sax for your wedding Marbella
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Mark Borrow

Stunning venues for your wedding in Spain... Just Imagine!

Hey Mark. Now that everything has settled down and we are back from our honeymoon, we wanted to thank you and the special acts Vicky, Quike, Dj Mark and Leo for supporting our wedding in such an amazing and professional way.