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Marbella Bride help you with everything, so you can concentrate on the walk up the aisle!

The wedding ceremony, or blessing service could be considered the most important part of your wedding day, after all, it's where you will make your vows together, in front of your closest friends and family! It is also where you will have the opportunity to be seen in your wedding attire for the first time and can make for some of the best photographs of the day! So, you will want to make sure that your wedding ceremony is presented in the most amazing way, that includes the overall design, aisle decoration and flowers, be it in a sun kissed garden, by the beach, or in a stunning church!

Marbella Bride offer bespoke set ups for your wedding ceremony in Spain, floral arches, to carpets, lanterns, shepherds hooks, eco friendly confetti, rose petal walkways, chairs for seating, decorative sashes and much more!

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Marbella Bride are here to help you every step of the way, from the ceremony to all the other parts of your wedding day. Allow our talented team to work with your ideas and create the wedding ceremony you dreamed of!

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There is no right or wrong way to set up your ceremonial area, some of it depends on your personal choices, the style of venue or location of the ceremony and of course, partly your budget too! Shabby Chic or Rustic and basic can look just as stunning as all the glitz and razzmatazz, in the right venue setting! However, preparing a nice location and design for your wedding ceremony can take away any cold, or formal feeling to the area, it can make for wonderful photographs and it just feels so romantic! If you have your own ideas, we can help implement them, or pick our brains and we can make some great suggestions! Servicing hundreds of weddings has given us quite the eye, as well as a lot of practical experience!

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The Practicalities for your wedding ceremony.

Chairs, decoration and amplification, all taken care of!

Chairs, chairs and more chairs, you are going to need lots of them, well, at least enough for all your guests anyway. You may also wish for a particular style of chairs, to fit in with your theme and you may well want to decorate those chairs too! Our partnership with Noe events, means we can provide a range of chair styles for your wedding ceremony, very useful when your venue does not have enough, or you simply do not like the ones they have!

Audio is pretty important too and Marbella Bride can set up professional solutions for that as well. Wireless Microphones for your minister, your vow and readings, plus audio systems for playing the all important isle music as well as  the audio requirements for the rest of your day! It is typical in Spain that many hotels, even the 5 star ones, have very little in the way of audio visual solutions and what they can offer is often inadequate in every way. With Marbella Bride, you can look good and sound good too, no matter how big your audience is! We have our own warehouse packed with equipment and trained technicians to keep things working!

Catholic Church ceremonies. 

It's possible to marry in Spain under the Catholic Church. 

If you are a member of the Catholic church, it may be possible to have a legally binding church wedding right here in Spain. This option is popular with a lot of our Irish Clients. We are able to help you with setting up your church wedding here and our Wedding Florist is very experienced in providing flowers for Church weddings here on the Costa del Sol. Some more information on Church ceremonies can be found by clicking here

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Based on the Costa del Sol all year round, Marbella Bride are your key to hosting the wedding of your dreams, in a sunny, sub tropical climate that makes such a wonderful wedding destination! We speak English and Spanish, but many services can be arranged in any language, why not speak with us about your needs and let us help to make things happen!

Marbella Bride and our wonderful florists are here to help you all the way!

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