Do I need a wedding planner?

To help plan my wedding on the Costa del Sol. 

If you were planning your wedding in a familiar territory, close to home, for example, then I would say you can often manage without a wedding planner although using one would be highly recommended! However, if you are planning a wedding on the Costa del Sol then it would be utter madness to try to plan your wedding alone! Many couples feel that planning a wedding in Spain will be just as easy as it is back home, but let me tell you, it really is not! Don't fall the venues that offer a "coordinator" either, this is NOT the same as a wedding planner and using the vendors recommended by the venues, you will often pay considerably more too, as they add their commission to the services.

That said, booking services in Spain, by yourself is also a considerable risk because to be honest, there are way too many "bad" companies in this region of Spain, flashy websites do not mean reliable services or even legality! We have seen very impressive websites crop up, but on inspection, you find photos stolen from the web and a less than legitimate company operating the site, often these fly by nights are closed within the first year, if not before your wedding date!  Always check that the company you are using, are LEGAL in Spain, be it for catering, decoration, wedding planning or a Dj service, because non-legitimate companies can often be shut down overnight by Spanish authorities, leaving you in the lurch for your wedding day! 

Your best option, not to make expensive, time-consuming mistakes is to contract a local, reputable wedding planner, who will guide you through the minefield, liaise with the venue and ensure you actually get what you paid for while ensuring you are not overpaying or getting "ripped off"! In the long run, the cost of the wedding planner will often be absorbed by the money they can save you and the planner will want to recommend reliable services that will deliver what they promised on your wedding day!

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Whether you are planning your wedding here in Spain, or another destination, wedding planning can be a long, time-consuming business, it's a lot more work and a lot more stress than you could ever imagine! A good wedding planner can help you negotiate the hurdles and ensure your money is well spent on the most perfect of days! An experienced wedding planner will have many weddings to plan every year, whereas you have only one, that experience is priceless! Always choose a wedding planner that is based LOCAL to your chosen venue and destination, because they will know the best services in that area, as well as the local customs, or in the case of a destination wedding, even the local language! 

Your wedding planner will be able to help you stay in budget while avoiding the pitfalls of planning your wedding! They can help to prevent you getting ripped off by illegitimate vendors and ensure you get reliable, high-quality services, so very important when it comes to your wedding day, a one-off, unrepeatable day in your lives!

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What can my wedding planner help with?

Make your wedding a success with a reputable wedding planner!

Many couples have looked forward to their wedding day since they were young, and so many are reluctant to let anyone else plan the details of their wedding, other than themselves! However, they should also recognize that their wedding day should be about enjoyment and bliss, not stressing over all the details going according to plan and choreographing each segment of their wedding! A wedding planner can work with your ideas, but should know the in's and out's of planning a wedding far better than you do! They will be able to offer valuable advice that will ensure your wedding day goes to plan! 

Liaising with the venue: 

One of the biggest mistakes many couples make is booking their wedding directly with a venue and cutting out the wedding planner. This is a big mistake, as many venues, especially here in Spain, only offer a coordination service and will often have very limited time to spend on each client. The result is long delays in correspondence, especially as the wedding season gets underway! Along with this, they may only offer a limited range of services, or fixed packages, most often the couple need much more bespoke options to cater to their needs. Most venues are happy to work together with reputable wedding planners and the results are almost always a lot better! The wedding planner will also take care of the liaison with the venue, often having a much faster "back door access" for communication, they will check and study contracts, making sure the venue correctly provides the services offered, while helping you with recommended vendors who can provide for your individual needs! In many cases, a wedding planner may even be able to save you considerable money in booking your venue and services, they can certainly help you avoid booking "cowboy services", that could end up ruining your wedding day! 

Wedding Decoration and Styling: 

I am sure you have amazing ideas of how you would like your wedding styled, the types of flowers you like, the colour scheme etc, but getting hold of the supplies to create that look can be a real challenge, especially here in Spain! A good wedding planner will usually have a list of local suppliers and know where to find the things you need, sometimes, (as is the case with Marbella Bride), they may even stock or provide decoration themselves, which can save you the middle man fees!  If you are stuck for ideas, of unable to complete that look with local resources, your wedding planner will be able to help you style the wedding, or can bring in a reputable event stylist (decorator), florist and anything else you may need!

Even those things that seem simple can take a lot of time and work, especially if you have a lot of guests. Placing name cards and favours on the wedding tables for example, how long does it take to place these for 50 / 100 people? Or tie on 100 chair sashes, who is going to do these things? Your wedding planner can help by providing staff to carry out all your decorative tasks, or they may even do some of it themselves! 

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Liaising with all the suppliers: 

In the first instance, your wedding planner will have a list of trustworthy services that they have worked with before or know to be reputable based on the local knowledge they have. Using the services suggested by your planner is a wise move, as they will have been tried and tested, often many times and the planner will feel confident in their ability to deliver on the day! Shopping around for the cheapest or just going by a flashy website, or talk with an eager salesperson, can land you in a whole lot of trouble!  Trust me, so many couples end up needing a wedding planner to rescue them, when had they started off with one, it would have been a lot easier! Again, the fee you pay for your planning service is often a lot less than the costly mistakes you could make!

Your wedding planner would take care of liaising with all the suppliers you have booked, ensuring they know when and where to set up, or inform them of any last-minute changes, or plan B actions to take. Think about all the things you may need for your wedding, from the Minister for the ceremony, the decorator, the florist, the photographer, the musicians, the catering, the bar, the props and extras, there is often a hell of a lot to keep control of. Having a competent wedding planner available to coordinate all of this is a must! Your wedding planner will be the first at the venue before they all arrive and will ensure things are done just as you asked, it's so much easier having just ONE point of contact, who you can trust to organise everything for you! It's also much better to use suppliers recommended by your wedding planner, to avoid any bad eggs! 

Helping you through the wedding journey from start to finish! 

A good wedding planner is there to help you right through the process, from selecting the right wedding venue, to coordination on the wedding day itself! They become your one point of contact, someone you can trust to fight your corner and the one person who wants to ensure your wedding is a success as much as you do! The wedding planner is not going to want to spoil their reputation, so generally, they go above and beyond to iron out any problems! If you are planning your wedding, it's going to be so much easier with a wedding planner by your side, especially when planning a destination wedding in a location you are not too familiar with. 

Wedding planners (the right ones) have a lot of experience, and they can help to create a stress-free environment for the engaged couple. Knowledge of how to execute a wedding day successfully requires a lot of knowledge, it's really not that easy! Wedding Planners can be truly incredible and they work hard to ensure you have a fantastic day. A good wedding planner will put out any fires without you even knowing that they’re happening and solve problems as they arise! Booking a wedding planner is not a luxury, it's a necessity in many cases and more so when you are planning a destination wedding. Choose a wedding planner that is based close to the area in which you intend to host the wedding, so they have knowledge of the most reputable local trade! 

Trust us on this one, you do need (and deserve) a helping hand on your wedding day. After all, this is going to be the happiest day of your life, you need someone who has done all this before, someone you can trust to sort it all out for you, offer practical advice, calm your nerves and take the pressure off of you!  Really, YES, you do need a wedding planner, even if you don't realise it yet and it's best to start how you mean to go on!

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Wedding planning on the Costa del Sol. 

If you have chosen the Costa del Sol, Malaga province of Spain as the destination for your wedding, congratulations, it's a very fine choice indeed! This region of Spain is increasingly popular as a wedding destination and it offers not only a fantastic climate but also a wide selection of wedding venues and of course, the opportunity for a sun-kissed outdoor wedding, or a beach wedding, the dream of many couples! Fortunately for you, the Costa del Sol is the home of Marbella Bride, one of Spain's leading wedding planners and event specialists. We provide first-class services and have a wealth of professional contacts to ensure your wedding is simply phenomenal!  Our trusted suppliers are 100% reliable, legal/reputable, as we are, plus we offer many services in house through our own talented team and supplies. Marbella Bride is the preferred wedding planners with many venues, who respect our professionalism and dedication to our clients. It's well worth contacting us if you wish to marry here in Spain, we offer sensible, no-nonsense advice and total transparency!

Weddings are always better with Marbella Bride by your side!

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